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Customer Testimonials

"DLC is the best. After 2 HD dealers gave up on my race tuner fitted 103", Dave has the bike running great. I have never found a business that treated a customer better or had a more capable shop. I will be back.
Thanks again" -Greg Wagener, December 2005

"Hey Dave, my bike is running awesome, wish you were closer to Indiana, would make my next project easier." -Garin Mayer, February 2004

"I was impressed to see such a clean efficient shop. Never thought you'd have a dyno out there. Expect to be using your service after talking to you, I was comfortable with your expertise." -Bob Ward, Fargo, ND

"I wanted to let ya know that you did a kick ass job on my bike. I changed the needle and that made a hell of a difference. I plan on riding up yet this summer and getting it back on the dyno. I'm thinking I will want more work done this winter if you can fit me in. -Kris Voigt - Iowa




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