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Fun Photo's

Terry, Seven & the chopper
Pround Grandpa!
Gettin' ready to race
Like father, like son
Getting full the benefit of all the tire
Dave wastin' rubber
What rubber?
Should we call the fire department?
Dave doin' what he says he never get's to do!
Brandon on his favorite bike in the shop
Golf ball cannon
Bowling Ball launcher
Troy and Gretchen Mayer
Daddy's little girl!
Grandpa Sazama
Chip Ellis
Like I said - I think I see a pattern here!
Go Brandon Go!
Moose and his PINNACLE
Moose & Sue - RMH Ride 2007
Some cool new exhaust!
Aaron's Bad Ass Burple Chopper
One Bad Ass Front End
Happy Mother's Day Ma!
Earl with his 9 Foot Extension
Boomer Beske
A Kodiak in serios need of some wheels!
It ain't easy being cool!
What a difference a day makes!
One Cool Slammer!
Rick Neslon - April 28th, 2007
1st Place Late Model Winner
Viking Speedway - Alexandria, MN
Stock Sucks!
Still Plays with Motorcycles
Jim Layden - DHRA
2006 Quick Diesle Champion
Way to go Jimmy!
I'm not sure, but I think a see a pattern here!
Sir Winston Cup Taylor
"Greetings from sunny Florida"
Traveling in Style
Dave never get's to have any fun!

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